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          Product center
          Application case Current position:HomeApplication case
          • Application of universal shaft in rolling mill equipment
          • Expansion sleeve application of main drive synchronous belt wheel
          • Work closely with positioning axis and hub
          • Since the installation of heart and roller conveyor rollers
          • Application of V belt wheel and multi wedge belt wheel
          • Application of bevel gear and Gleason arc gear
          • Turbine application
          • Application of spur gear drive
          • Roller printing equipment and gear link
          • Application of diaphragm coupling for heavy duty machine tool
          • Coupling application of cement equipment
          • Application of transmission equipment in photovoltaic industry

          Products are widely used in:

          Packaging machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, printing machinery, tobacco machinery, forging machinery, construction machinery, various types of machine tools and mechanical transmission linkage.

          For example: the pulley, sprocket, gear, bevel wheel, impeller, synchronous belt wheel, propeller, size fan, blower or directly with the shaft, the coupling hub and other various transmission connection.

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