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          Product center
          • MXL(Acme tooth)
          • XL(Acme tooth)
          • L(Acme tooth)
          • H(Acme tooth)
          • XH(Acme tooth)
          • XXH(Acme tooth)
          • T5(German gear)
          • T10(German gear)
          • AT5(German gear)
          • AT10(German gear)
          • HTD3M(National standard circular arc tooth)
          • HTD5M(National standard circular arc tooth)
          • HTD8M(National standard circular arc tooth)
          • HTD14M(National standard circular arc tooth)
          • HTD20M(National standard circular arc tooth)
          • STD5M(Ultra-high speed profile)
          • STD8M(Ultra-high speed profile)
          • G5M(Ultra-high speed profile)
          • Y8M(Ultra-high speed profile)
          • Tooth plate
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