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This 10 - point automatic box filter press operation process, quickly get started

Release Time: 2019-09-12 11:58:35 Visited: 1817 times

Operation process of full-automatic box filter press:

When shaanxi yulin full automatic van filter press loading and shipping, small make up feel necessary to full automatic van filter press performance and advantages including the applicable industry, but also with the most important operation process roughly said, if you just need, that's great!

When it comes to automatic van filter press, it has many advantages. It belongs to an intermittent filter machine.Strong versatility is its advantage, but it is more suitable for some suspension of liquid solid separation above, because the automatic box filter press separation effect is better.The whole automatic operation mode is simple, convenient and safe.


In order to allow you to better use the automatic box filter press, the following blue source mechanical filter press manufacturer engineers to share the operation process, be sure to operate according to the process.


1. Turn on the power switch and turn on the indicator light to do the following work;

2. First check whether the oil pump can work normally, and then turn on the oil pump;

3. In the center of the beam of the automatic van filter press is the place where all the filter plates of the press are placed and shall be moved to the end of the push plate together;

4. When the compression button is opened, the piston of the oil pump will push up the filter plate of all the filter presses and press them tight. When the pressure reaches the standard, the oil pump will be closed.

5, open flow and undercurrent valve open at the same time, open flow water nozzle began to put the liquid, and then the underflow also began to put the liquid, at this time also will open the valve of the material, the filtration work began;

6, are left full, it is necessary to close the feeding valve, the filtration work stopped;

7. Start the water nozzle and start flushing (automatic water washing filter press can be customized);

8. Open the oil pump and tighten it. After the nut is locked, move it to the end of the compression plate (also known as the piston rod).

9. If automatic unloading device is installed, unloading can be carried out;

10, at this time the filtration work is basically completed, to the next filtration work before starting, check the filter plate, filter cloth there is no residue, timely removal.

These 10 simple steps are easy to understand, and we also support custom automatic box filter press!

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