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Rubber belt vacuum filter selection know this 9 points is enough!

Release Time: 2019-09-12 15:52:20 Visited: 1786 times

Rubber belt vacuum filter selection:

Need a rubber belt vacuum filter, but do not know how to choose, the following points can help you!

1. Firstly, the filtration ratio of solids and liquids, the size and viscosity of solids, as well as the amount of solids to be processed and the bulk density should be clearly understood for selection;

2, to understand the ph value of raw materials, according to the ph value to determine what kind of material should be used for some filter parts, but also according to the size of the solid, the temperature to choose the material of press filter cloth;

3, when the need to filter steam materials and some materials containing volatile gas, we recommend customers to choose can be fully sealed or semi-sealed machine;

4. If you want to filter some materials that need to be rinsed repeatedly, you should choose a vacuum machine with a length of more than 10 meters. If it is some raw materials that need special rinsing, we suggest you choose a belt vacuum filter with leaching function.

5. Find some same raw materials in the same industry, but not filtered raw materials, to conduct a small range of trial;

6, if a lot of models are more suitable, we suggest you choose the international standard width filter model;

7. Belt vacuum filter is more suitable for some raw materials that need a lot of treatment and strong acid and alkali;

8. The product with the same filtration area is generally 1.2 times or 1.5 times of PBF continuous horizontal belt vacuum filter;

9. The manufacturer of blue source mechanical filter press can customize the model number of filter press according to customers' needs and the particularity of materials.

Advantages of rubber belt vacuum filter:

1, the formation of vacuum seal is the use of the vacuum box fixed characteristic of the aircraft, as well as in a vacuum box when the tape in the mobile and vacuum box to form a good seal form of sport, then seal water has played a coolant and lubricant, to form the sealing effect good vacuum seal;

2. Use the rolling roller to support the rubber belt and reduce the resistance generated by the friction of the rubber belt during operation, so as to protect the rubber belt for a longer time;

3, with a detachable frame structure, can make the installation of the tape more convenient, also conducive to maintenance and late maintenance;

4. Able to carry out continuous filtration, so that the raw materials can be in a vacuum in the whole process of feeding, filtration and washing;

5, vacuum filter series inside the filter efficiency is higher, the output is larger, the washing effect is better, use is simpler, should belong to this rubber belt vacuum filter.

Rubber belt vacuum filter is more used in desulfurization

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