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Type 1500 liquid receiving plate turning automatic wing press filter sent to xingtai, hebei

Release Time: 2019-10-14 16:06:00 Visited: 1334 times

Mr. Xu, xingtai, hebei:


You and in September in yuzhou lanyuan mechanical filter press factory home custom 1500 type receive liquid plate turning automatic box filter press has been completed and shipped, please keep the phone unblocked, convenient for the freight company to contact you!

The National Day of 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the day of universal celebration. And yuzhou lanyuan mechanical press filter factory home has not stopped for a moment, overtime work to rush hebei xingtai Mr. Xu custom 1500 type receive liquid plate automatic box press filter, finally loaded today shipped.

Model 1500 automatic panel press and filter press

(finished, ready to be loaded and shipped)

This 1500 type automatic panel press is modified on the basis of ordinary panel press. In addition to the panel press device, it is also a fully automatic panel press, with remote control system, which can be operated without any guard. The reason why the customer from xingtai, hebei chose to add a liquid receiving and turning device to the automatic wing filter press is that it is necessary to ensure that the surrounding environment is not polluted again during the filtration process, and also because the collected filtrate is used for recycling and reuse. Therefore, yuzhou lanyuan mechanical filter press factory reminds the user who wants to buy a box filter press, if it is to ensure that the surrounding environment of the filter is not polluted, but also to ensure the solids of the filter cake, filter press can be installed with a liquid plate to achieve this purpose.

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