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Good news: Yuzhou Blue source machinery signed from Argentina customers to buy automatic wing filter press business orders!

Release Time: 2019-10-15 10:06:01 Visited: 1305 times

On October 5, 2019, the National Day haven't finished, office phone rings, a international friends with a not too fluent Chinese to jin company mechanical filter vendors would consult the problem of automatic box pressure filter, call simple understanding about automatic box pressure filter parameters, automatic box pressure filter filter area, automatic box pressure filter model and so on some technical problems.

Yuzhou Lanyuan mechanical filter press factory of The general Wang in the telephone sincerely invite the Customer from Argentina to our company for on-site inspection visit.

Finally, on October 13, the Argentine and his colleague came to visit our company. The strength of our company has been investigated in many aspects, at the same time, we have seen the production process of automatic wing filter press which has not been off the production line. In the afternoon of the next day (October 14), we signed the purchase contract of the automatic wing filter press!

(Above, Wang Zong, head of Yuzhou Lanyuan Mechanical filter press factory enjoys yuzhou special food with customers from Argentina)

(In order to avoid infringing the right of the client's portrait, some pictures were processed)

For the international friends visit, and can win the Argentine order of automatic box filter press, yuzhou Blue source mechanical strength of an affirmation, but also a kind of trust, we will in the future days will do better quality, will do better after-sales service.

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