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The completion of one cast iron wing filter press will be sent to Lu ´an, Anhui soon

Release Time: 2019-10-16 17:13:39 Visited: 1292 times

Manager Zhao from Lu 'an, Anhui


The 40m cast iron wing filter press customized by you and yuzhou Lanyuan Mechanical filter press factory on October 3, 2019 will be loaded and shipped in the evening of October 16. Please keep your phone open and contact you for material convenience.

The 40 m squared cast iron box pressure filter model is: XAMY40/700-25, its filter area is: 40 m squared, manager zhao order of cast iron box pressure filter filter plate size is 700 mm * 700 mm, filter out the thickness of the filter cake is: 25 mm, cast iron box pressure filter in the filter chamber volume is 600 l, the number of filter plate is 49 block, the shape of the cast iron box pressure filter size is according to the requirements of the manager zhao do is 4180 mm long, 1100 mm wide, 1100 mm high.

Our engineers will arrive at your company ahead of time, wait for the cast-iron wing filter press to be in place, carry out commissioning on the installation site, and teach your operators.

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