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April 13 delivered two automatic drawing plate press filter machine to hunan

Release Time: 2020-04-15 16:15:02 Visited: 597 times

The automatic drawing plate filter press equipment is able to automatically open the filter plate of the filter press to unload the material when unloading work, hunan filter press customer purchased automatic drawing plate filter press is used for tailings treatment. The paper will introduce the order and delivery of hunan filter press in detail.

Hunan filter press user ordered two automatic drawing plate filter press equipment, yuzhou lanyuan mechanical filter press factory has been loaded and shipped on April 13, 2020.

Hunan automatic filter press customer received after pulling plate filter press equipment, step by step to strictly according to the sequence of operation, for example, automatic plate filter press equipment after received, should first check the accessories and equipment are in good condition, and the second is according to the installation order will automatically pull plate filter press installation is complete, then the automatic debugging plate filter press.

Here we yuzhou lanyuan mechanical filter press factory small make up is also for hunan filter press users summarized the following points about automatic drawing plate filter press equipment before debugging and how to debug the steps.

After the installation of the automatic drawing plate filter press is completed, the adjustment test needs to be carried out. The steps are as follows.

1. Hunan filter press users should check the installation of automatic strapping filter press before debugging:

A. Check whether the end of the thrust plate is fixed with anchor bolts and whether the oil pump is placed on the foundation;

B. Is there any fastening between the parts of the automatic drawing plate filter press? Is it loose? Lubrication effect to do well;

C. Is the power cord properly connected? Is it safe?

D. Whether the oil level of the oil pump has reached the standard position, generally don't be too slow, 90% is ok;

E. Whether the number of the filter plates of the automatic drawing plate press is correct, they should be arranged neatly and the sequence should not be wrong, and the press cloth should not be folded;

2. Hunan filter press users can start debugging the automatic drawing plate filter press:

A. Connect the power cord, then start the motor, see the direction of the motor rotation, clockwise is right;

B. Open the motor and adjust the high-pressure relief valve to drain the air from the oil cylinder;

C. adjust the lower limit of the electric contact pressure gauge to zui low, and adjust the upper limit to zui high;

D. Debugging of the electric control part, the motor rotates clockwise, and the motor and the button indicating action should be consistent;

E. The pressure of the components of the automatic drawing plate filter press should be adjusted. When the pressure is adjusted clockwise, it will rise, and when the pressure is adjusted counterclockwise, it will fall down.

F, the hydraulic system quickly adjust the high pressure and low pressure, as long as you open the oil pump, will push the high pressure solenoid valve above the main oil line with a screwdriver to push, but also can at the same time the foot of the high pressure relief valve for an adjustment, see what is the pressure response on the pressure gauge;

We have already delivered the two automatic puller filter presses of hunan filter press users. The initial installation and debugging of the customer after receiving the goods is as summarized by our filter press manufacturer. Of course, we can also directly contact the after-sales technology for guidance.

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