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Hai di Lao after the resumption of work in henan press filter factory will not do so

Release Time: 2020-04-17 16:20:14 Visited: 595 times

How many enterprises do that like haidilao after the resumption of work? Anyway, henan press filter factory will never do so, in order to support the resumption of production and support all walks of life environmental protection filter project, henan press filter factory home and buy large discounts, can be reduced 10,000 yuan.

Return to production, reduce the cost of rent-free, which is in recent days to see more words, henan press filter machine factory home to help the major enterprises, support the development of environmental protection, especially launched the consulting purchase preferential policies. Henan plate frame press filter factory promised that some models can be reduced by 10 thousand to 10 thousand yuan.

Covid-19 started in hubei province and spread across the country. A smokeless sniper campaign was also launched across the country. All walks of life are affected by different degrees, large and small business owners are also extremely anxious, some small and medium-sized enterprises are in 2019 when the grain did not receive, barely maintain to 2020, thought to attract a peaceful development, but was struck down by this sudden disaster, almost collapsed.

Henan press filter machine factory in the home has many such customers, business owners in the expensive plant rent and labor costs on the helpless, after returning to work and production originally intended to acquire the sludge treatment equipment also because of the capital shortage, do not know how to do. But if you don't buy the sludge treatment equipment, factory production of sewage sludge is emissions, environmental protection is not up to standard, raw material loss, also is a big loss for business owners, learned that the sludge treatment equipment precision users this dilemma, the head of henan plate and frame filter vendors would immediately decided: from now on, to help to return to work in all walks of life and production, support the development of environmental protection, jin company mechanical filter vendors would sell part of the best-selling models, do lower price is favorable, preferential price range in 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan (except manual small filtering equipment).

Henan plate and frame press machine factory promised: help to resume production, support the major industries of environmental protection filtering work, this discount, price reduction service. All after-sales service, product quality as usual, no sloppy and slack, please users supervision.

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