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Use site of tailings of guangdong boro 1250 automatic drawplate and box filter press

Release Time: 2019-09-08 10:52:51    Visited: 1937 times

Model 1250 automatic plate-drawing box filter press is developed and manufactured by yuzhou lanyuan machinery.Customer first is search on the Internet to the company's machinery, know that we are a professional manufacturer of filter press, conducting communication and understanding, we are told, the customer is want to buy a box pressure filter in guangdong of mine, tailings disposal use, according to the requirements of environmental protection, we recommend the customer the type 1250 automatic plate box pressure filter.The customer also put forward some other ideas for the machine, so, the custom model 1250 automatic plate box filter press came into being.

As the type 1250 automatic plate box pressure filter machine referrals, jin company mechanical arranged by professional engineers and sales department manager accompanies the device has reached the guangdong bo luo, on-site installation and hands-on church workers operation, as well as in use process will appear some problems of how to deal with in time, one is a detailed explanation.

Now let's have a look at the pictures of the 1250 automatic plate-pulling box filter press.

Yuzhou lanyuan mechanical engineers with our machines are tailing treatment site

The installation and debugging of model 1250 automatic plate-drawing and box-type filter press have been completed

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