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Chemical industry special closed press filter loaded to shandong!

Release Time: 2019-09-10 12:03:28    Visited: 1797 times

Shandong heze chemical industry customer custom a Mosaic filter press (can also become "closed filter press"), blue source machinery arrangements loading and delivery.

The characteristics of this type of closed filter press are: press press press with the way of Mosaic production, also known as "embedded press cloth", the press cloth installed in the closed press above, can prevent the leakage of raw materials, because of the use of embedded press cloth, this type of machine can also be called Mosaic press press.Filter effect in the chemical industry is very good!

Advantages: prevent filtrate leakage of raw materials, good filtration effect, mainly used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, or corrosive, very strict requirements on environmental protection, to prevent pollution of some other industries.

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