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Chongqing municipal customized a sewage treatment filter press (liquid receiving plate diaphragm fil

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The liquid receiving plate membrane filter press is another type in the series of membrane filter press. This liquid receiving plate membrane filter press can be used for sewage treatment, because it is also called "sewage treatment filter press".The main purpose of the plate is to collect filtrate or prevent filtrate from polluting the environment.

Chongqing municipal government attaches great importance to the function of the liquid transfer plate diaphragm filter press, which is customized in our company for municipal sewage treatment.

Chongqing municipal sewage treatment for the liquid plate diaphragm filter press production has been completed

Chongqing municipal sewage treatment for the plate plate diaphragm filter press, also belongs to a customized model.According to the requirements of the customer, we have made some adjustments.For example, for the frame of this machine, we adopt the manufacturing process of square steel welding to enhance the firmness of the frame, and use hot-dip galvanizing to do anti-corrosion and acid-alkali anti-corrosion treatment.In addition, all the cots on the frame of the host machine are also made of hermetically sealed encapsulation, in order to achieve complete anti-corrosion.The following liquid plate material is stainless steel material, the advantage of this material is stronger, with a longer time.The cost is not high, and also can ensure that chongqing municipal government in the late use of the need for operation, maintenance costs are not too high, in the cost is generally lower than similar products.In addition, the sewage sludge filtration capacity of this liquid connection plate diaphragm filter press is high, and the solid content of filter cake is also higher than the same kind of pressure filter products.

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